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The admin of this site, lovingly referred to by himself as SonOfAPixel, is three kids in a trench-coat going by the name of Matthew. Or he may as well be, he's six-foot five and HE ALREADY KNOWS HE'S TALL DANG IT, and has the sense of humor of a small child. Don't watch too many episodes of SpongeBob growing up, kids.

He was born in 2000 so he still enjoy late- 90s things and program designs. He's been operating computers ever since he played Putt-Putt Saves the Zoo for the first time in 2003 and he hasn't got off since. He has basic knowledge of HTML and has won first place two times for the Business Professionals of America's PC Service and Troubleshooting regional competition. To clarify, I didn't just randomly show up and take a test, I'm in a class for CompTIA standards like the nerd I am. :-P

His choice of music is outdated as noted by anyone he tells that he's listening to Frank Sinatra, Bing Crosby, Ray Charles, The Beatles, Johnny Cash and so on and so fourth (forth?). His taste in memes is whatever's current on /r/me_irl. He has a Myerrs-Briggs result of INFP-T, although he is way too loud to be introverted if you ask any of his classmates or teachers on one of his good days. He plays guitar, acoustic or electric or bass but is not a professional by any means of the imagination. His Social Security number is--

He can be contacted on the Escargot MSN server (escargot.log1p.xyz) at mgrogian@hotmail.com or on AIM Phoenix (iwarg.ddns.net) at SonOfAPixel.

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